Sealey AK45KIT Manual/Air Grease Gun Kit

Sealey AK45KIT Manual/Air Grease Gun Kit

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Comprehensive manual/air grease gun kit supplied in heavy-duty carry-case. Features continuous flow air grease gun and lever type manual grease gun. Supplied with heavy-duty grease canister with viewing windows to check grease level. Air grease gun features 360 rotating head to help access hard to reach greasing points. Kit can be used with both bulk fill and cartridge grease and is ideal for site work where an air supply is not always available. Supplied with both rigid and flexible spouts.

Air Feed Delivery Pressure: 2400-6000psi

Air Feed Operating Pressure: 60-150psi

Air Inlet: 1/4"BSP

Manual Feed Delivery Pressure: 7000psi

Manual Delivery Per Stroke: 0.8cm3

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